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How To Extend The Service Life Of Lifting Equipment
- Sep 05, 2018 -

How to extend the service life of lifting equipment

Hoisting equipment is an indispensable machinery for enterprises to use. The life of crane is related to the company's benefit. What should be paid attention to in order to extend the life of hoisting equipment?

(1) accomplish tasks well: achieve high efficiency, high quality and low consumption;

(2) good technical condition: the mechanical equipment shall be in good condition, the working performance shall meet the specified requirements, and the random tool parts and accessory devices shall be complete and complete;

(3) good use: we should carry out all the systems with the post responsibility system seriously, and make reasonable use of them. The original records should be complete and accurate.

(4) good maintenance: the maintenance procedures should be carried out carefully, and careful maintenance should be done at any time to clean, lubricate, adjust, tighten and prevent corrosion;

(5) good safety: the safety operation rules and relevant safety regulations should be strictly observed to ensure safe production and avoid mechanical accidents.

As long as the enthusiasm of people is aroused, the establishment of sound and reasonable rules and regulations and strict implementation of technical regulations can improve the completion rate, utilization rate and use efficiency of lifting equipment.