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Introduction Of Main Standard Components Of KBK
- Aug 31, 2018 -

1. Track

The most basic standard component of flexible combined suspension crane is a cold-rolled section, which is named "track" according to its usage. At present, the track form rolled by domestic factories is mainly manufactured according to the profile form of Demag Company and Kony Company. According to the section inertia moments of track, there are five kinds of track with different specifications, such as 80 cm 4 (KBKI), 660 cm 4 (KBKII), 142 cm 4 (UK20), 756 cm 4 (UK30), 2197 cm 4 (UK40). The maximum carrying capacity of the track can reach 3200kg.

"Track" is mainly used in flexible combined suspension crane: track of monorail conveyor; track and main beam of single and double beam suspension crane; cantilever of cantilever crane; running track and fork rail of stacker crane. Because the track is a cavity profile, the running trolley and the safety sliding contact wire, the collector trolley and other components can be installed in the track cavity. In this way, not only the appearance of the product is beautiful, but also the track can play a protective role for the components installed in the cavity.

The two ends of the track are welded with bolted connection pipes, which are used for rail butt joint or rail end cover. Common track length specifications are: 3m; 4m; 5m; 6m; 7m; 8m; 9m, according to the need to choose a reasonable length of track. Theoretically, the orbit can be connected to any length.

2.1 curved rail

With the same track cavity and the same size of the bent rail, the turning angle of 15 30 45 60 four specifications, the bending radius of two specifications are: inertia moment below 150 cm 4 R = 1000mm, inertia moment greater than 150 cm 4 R = 1500mm.

By connecting the curved rail with the straight rail or the curved rail with the curved rail, the track direction can be changed according to the requirements of conveying technology. The two ends of the bending rail are welded with a bolt connecting pipe, and the connection mode is the same as that of the straight rail.

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