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News! Kaidao New Product Is On Sell
- May 23, 2018 -

News! Kaidao New product is on sell. And what is the stage electric chain hoist?

Stage electric chain hoist is specially designed for stage equipment and theater equipment, ensuring safe and accurate positioning for sound, lighting system, stage facilities and scenery. Stage characteristics of the electric hoist and optional features, the applicability of the integrated design and products focus on the market (r&d department work closely with the entertainment industry) as you used to set the stage of rational choice.

The stage chain electric hoist is a kind of chain electric hoist. Stage electric chain hoist is generally designed and produced strictly in accordance with the requirements of touring exhibitions. Stage electric chain hoist has high efficiency, light motor, no asbestos brake system, low energy consumption.And stage electric chain hoist is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Beijing ling eagle focuses on the research and development of self-climbing stage electric gourd. After many years of improvement, stage electric chain hoist is now almost perfect. Stage chain electric hoist has been widely used in various performances, both in shape and performance.

The stage dedicated electric chain hoist belongs to the chain type electric hoist. Stage electric chain hoist in strict accordance with the tour, the exhibition tour the requirements of design and production, the surface of the black paint processing, light lasting, 110v~220v control circuit of the heat treatment, forming steel chain plate, with positive and negative two-way and all-weather use design, equipped with adjustable screw limit switch, higher reliability, galvanized processing chain, is not easy to rust, lubrication oil in a gear box, prevent oil droplets to infiltrate stage, stage electric chain hoist motor seal in aluminum rims cylindrical shell, motor, suitable for connected with various controller and circuit distributor.