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Old Man Use Hoist To Lift His Wife
- May 22, 2018 -

The old man uses electric hoist to build "super bed" for his wife

He first buys electric hoist and gives his wife a "lift" Four years ago, Kingsong You's wife was bedridden. His wife was clean, so he made his bed and took a bath every day.

However, every time he gave his wife a bath, he was too tired to carry his wife to bed. Before retiring was a unit mechanic workshop director Kingsong You thought, if a pulley in the ceiling, it is not easy to lift the wife hold up?

Said to dry, he first found a pulley to try to find the effect is good. "An electric hoist is more than 200 yuan, can lift 500 kilograms of things, compared with hand-pull pulley more labor-saving."

"Network to buy electric hoist, Kingsong You began to install, commissioning."

Kingsong You used a piece of cloth to make a frame, each time to move his wife, put his wife in the frame, hook her up with a hook, press the button, through the electric hoist can lift his wife, and then through the ceiling rails, the wife moved sideways.

 The use of electric hoist, Mr. Kim to his wife to change the quilt is a lot easier, although there are always all kinds of misfortune, but optimistic attitude can always make life easier.