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Safety Management Of Electric Chian Hoist
- Jul 30, 2018 -

 1, The hoist owner should have skilled Operator
Managers should have the relevant safety management knowledge, clear the installation location of equipment, operation personnel and equipment safety status, make corresponding safety management system and operating procedures.

electric Chain hoist Oil.jpg

2, the use of units to establish and improve the electrical hoist equipment technical files and operation management account.
Mainly include: manufacturing units, product quality certification, the use of maintenance manuals, installation of technical documents and information, regular inspection of inspection records (according to the use of equipment, at least once a month to conduct security checks), the daily use of records, safety accessories and safety protection equipment, daily maintenance records, operating failures and accident records.

3, electric hoist operator must carry out the relevant safety education and operation training before induction; the operation of electric hoist before, to carefully check the equipment machinery, electrical, chain, hook, limit device, etc. is sound and reliable, strictly prohibited without inspection of forced operation of equipment, is strictly prohibited in the case of the failure to forcibly power transmission operation,
It is strictly prohibited to hoist the lifting material under the condition of unclear weight.
4, when lifting, should be arranged for special personnel to carry out on-site safety management, lifting heavy weights must be done vertically rise, is strictly prohibited skew pull hanging, overloading overload lifting, is strictly prohibited in the lifting and its road under the dangerous area station. 5, electric hoist chain in use must be maintained enough lubrication, for the chain oil should use a hard brush or small pieces of wood, strictly prohibit the direct hand to the work of the chain of oil; electric hoist does not work, do not allow the suspension of heavy objects in the air, to prevent permanent deformation of parts.