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Safety Use Of Wire Rope Cable Electric Hoist
- Aug 01, 2018 -

    The wire rope of wire rope cable electric hoist can be divided into two kinds of cases. If it is not found and handled in time, it will not only affect the life of wire rope cable electric hoist, but also endanger the personal safety of operators. As the author of many years of work, this paper summarizes the situation of wire rope detaching from rope groove of wire rope cable electric hoist as follows, so as to provide new and old customers and enthusiastic netizens with reference.


    1. The thickness is small and the upper rope groove is shallow, which makes the steel wire rope slip out easily; In small range around the wedge wire rope sheave and bent at the same time, as a result of the wedge abdominal radian, wire rope and bent around the axis of the hoist, within the scope of this small space curve makes the steel wire rope has strong anti deformation trend, if the wire rope and the installation of the wedge, the wedge and wedge suites defects, wire rope is out of the wedge and wedge between sets of slide.

    2. The upper wedge widest point is too wide, after installation most hang out set the upper wedge, due to poorly made at the same time, the wedge of abdominal radian and anastomosed with the wire rope cable electric hoist shell radian tend not to make it after the load under the effect of bending moment, if crack wedge there in shock under the action of bending moment, prone to fracture and make the wire rope slipping lead to accidents.