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Pay Attention To The Rain Prevention
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Chain Electric hoist heavy rain consequences

    Summer is not only the hot season, but also rainy season, before we mentioned that the chain electric hoist can not be used in hot weather exposure, on the contrary, it can not be used in the open air, the chain of electric hoist in the rain use the consequences of extremely dangerous.

The ring chain Electric hoist is the power source, many well-known, once the electricity hit the water, the consequences can be imagined, the rain into the motor inside, will lead to the electrical circuit in the electrical phenomenon, that is, short circuit fault occurred, and in the event of failure, light motor parts are burned, heavy fire caused. Not only that, in addition to electrical opportunities burned out, the rain will also cover the shell and internal parts caused a certain corrosion, if not timely treatment, will lead to the shell and parts rust, serious impact on subsequent use.

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