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Study On The Problem Of Lifting Out Of Control Of Wire Rope Lifting Electric Hoist
- Aug 09, 2018 -

In the process of using the wire rope lifting electric hoist, many users will inevitably encounter the problem that the wire rope lifting electric hoist goes out of control.  There are many reasons for this problem, which must be paid special attention to, otherwise it will not only damage the equipment, but also threaten the safety of operators.Based on years of working experience, the author summarizes the problem of lifting out of control of wire rope electric hoist as follows, for the reference of new and old customers and enthusiastic netizens.


1. Fault of ac contactor


If the contactor does not select a suitable model, the main contact will often be sintered and sticky, resulting in the electric hoist cannot stop rising in time.Therefore, the quality of ac electrical appliances must be reliable, contactor must choose appropriate and quality models.


2. Control button fails


Due to frequent operation, button insulation breakdown short circuit, so effective insulation is damaged. Poor working environment leads to large leakage current, untimely maintenance, and unqualified quality is also a common cause of control button failure.In order to ensure safe operation, in addition to selecting qualified products, daily maintenance should be strengthened to timely solve the potential accident.

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3. The travel switch is out of control


The stroke control switch is a safety protection measure for timely power failure when the wire rope lifting electric hoist reaches the limit position. It is frequently used for a long time, and the stroke control switch is prone to loose displacement. When replacing the steel wire rope, it is removed, thus losing the emergency protection device, causing a major hidden danger.

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