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Hoist Safety Inspection
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Hoist inspection.jpg

1 constantly overhaul the anchor bolts, must not loose, fall off and broken.


2 Check the hoist's gearbox box every day, especially the heat of bearing can not exceed the allowable temperature rise.

The use of temperature over the ambient air temperature of 40 , check the bearing is damaged, whether the lack of grease, load time is too long, there is no card phenomenon.


3 Check the lubrication parts. In the initial use, every quarter of lubricating oil, the degree of cleanliness of the lubricating oil after six months to a year to change once.The lubricant must not be disclosed, but the oil quantity should be moderate.


4 Listen to hoist gear meshing sound. In normal condition its sound is even brisk, the noise does not exceed 85dB (A).High noise or abnormal impact sound, to open the box to check the shaft and gear damage.


5 use magnetic or ultrasonic flaw detectors to check the hoist reducer shaft, found that the crack should be replaced in time.

6 The shell must not have the deformation, the crack phenomenon.