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Small Size, Light Weight, And Easy Operation
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Electric hoist is a kind of special lifting equipment. It is installed on top of cranes and gantry cranes. The electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use, etc. It is used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehousing, docks and other places.

The electric hoist has a compact structure. The electric hoist with the axis of the motor perpendicular to the axis of the drum adopts a worm gear. The disadvantages are: large length dimensions, large dimensions in width, coarse structure, low mechanical efficiency, and difficult processing. The hydraulic system is dual controlled. The overflow regulating valve and the magnetic contact pressure gauge can accurately control the pressure. The electrical control department uses low-voltage control to increase the security of the control system.

Applications: Lifting, pulling, loading and unloading of heavy objects, flipping and welding of oil tanks, such as installation and movement of large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures, and mechanical equipment, are suitable for construction and installation companies, civil engineering and bridge construction of factories and mines, Electricity, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, construction, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnels, wells and other infrastructure construction and protection of mechanical equipment.