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It Is Easy To Change The Lifting Height, Easy Installation And Maintenance
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Wire rope electric hoist components are: motor, transmission mechanism, reel and wire rope. The motor and reel can be roughly divided into four types depending on their position.

(1) The electric hoist with the axis of the motor perpendicular to the axis of the reel adopts a worm gear, which is large in width, heavy in structure, low in mechanical efficiency, and difficult to process. There is no manufacturer of this type of structure.

(2) Electric hoist with motor axis parallel to the axis of the drum,

The advantage is that the height and length dimensions are small. The disadvantages are large width dimensions, grouping, and complex manufacturing and assembly. Large turning radius.

(3) The motorized hoist mounted inside the drum has the advantages of small length and compact structure. Its main disadvantages are poor heat dissipation conditions of the motor, poor grouping, inconvenience in checking, installing, and maintaining the motor, and complex power supply devices.

(4) The electric hoist installed on the outside of the drum has the advantages of good grouping, high degree of generalization, easy to change the lifting height, and easy installation and overhaul. The disadvantages are: large size.