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What Is Explosion-Proof Hoist
- Jun 11, 2018 -

There are a small number of hazardous chemicals or combustible gases in the environment of individual places, the ordinary electric hoist is easy to produce sparks, thus causing the danger of explosion, so the use of explosion-proof in this place is more suitable for the East gourd. Explosion-proof electric hoist is a reasonable use of advanced raw materials can be used for the existence of spark lifting the occasion of the tool, the hoist's exposed explosion-proof parts are made of special spark-free materials, explosion-proof performance of safe and reliable.
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Products through the machinery industry explosion-proof electrical products quality supervision and Inspection center explosion-proof performance testing, and issued explosion-proof certification. Explosion-proof electric hoist is widely used in the use of flammable, flammable liquid vapor or explosive gas mixtures. Hebei vigorously remind everyone, must pay attention to their own use of the site, flammable explosion-proof site must use explosion-proof electric hoist, according to the environmental risk of different types of explosion-proof grades are also different. Explosion-proof electric hoist can be divided into three-stage explosion-proof and four-class explosion-proof, can be purchased on demand.